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kit list

I own a lot of kit and can put together various packages to suit different production needs.


I also rent specialist items when needed. If you have a special request, just ask.


Below are some of the common items I own.

Nuff said...jpg
This week has been a green screen week.j
After the typhoon.jpg

Canon C500 MKII Full-frame 5.9K Digital Cinema Camera

Canon EOS R5C 8K Hybrid Cinema/Stills Camera 

DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4k Drone

DJI Ronin S3 Pro Gimbal

Sigma ART primes

Canon L Series zooms

15-inch wireless client monitor

2 x 7-inch wireless monitors

Swit CW-150 wireless video sender

Aputure LS 300D MKII

Aputure LS-1 LED Panel

Aputure LS120D LED Fresnel

Aputure Amaran F7 LED Panel

Aputure M9

Aputure B7c

LS Focus 500 LED spotlight

Lastolite Skylite reflector system

California Sunbounce reflectors

E-Image GH-15 100mm Tripod

Sachtler FSB-8 75mm Tripod Head

Sachtler FlowTech Tripod

iFoto 4ft, 3 Axis motion control slider 

Wally dolly

5ft Syrup Magic Carpet Slider

Camtree Car Mount

Rode NTG shotgun microphone

Sony lav

Voxbox Pro


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