As a self-shooting director I've been privileged to work all over the world making cinematic documentaries for broadcast or internet. Whether I have a team with me or I am on my own I try to craft compelling stories that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.

My my films have played on the BBC, ITV, Sky TV and Channel 4 and many leading broadcasters around the world. Increasingly, the internet is where the target audience is found, particularly, for business, government, charities and NGOs.


Global Teacher

Prize 2019:

Peter Tabichi

Client: Fresh Start Media
Producer: Danny Braunstein 


World Diabetes Day: Patients Documentary

Client: The Edge Picture Company
Producer: Dan Holt 

Salluit Pano.jpg

Global Teacher

Prize 2017:

Maggie McDonnell

Client: CTN Communications
Producers: Danny Braunstein and Emily Lingard



Client: Humanitas/Sky TV/Fresh Start Media

Producer: Chris Rogers 

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Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 17.54.36.png

Twenty twenty

Client: The Edge Picture Company
Producer: Dan Holt

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joud: BTS

Client: The Edge Picture Company
Producer: Dan Holt

Ok, last crew lunch, food porn shot for

The arts club mayfair

Client: The Arts Club
Producer: Adrianne Pizer

DSC04296Uganda House.jpg

DHL's GoT Heart

Client: DHL's Got Heart
Producer: Will Olsen

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