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World's Best Teacher

In January, I traveled to Kenya to film Peter Tabichi, a finalist in the Global Teacher Prize, a prestigious event organised by the Varkey Foundation. In-between filming I managed to grab some pictures of Peter at work and some of the students at his school.

Some of these children walk over 7 miles to school. When they arrive, there is no running water and no electricity. Yet, they love their school. They arrive early and stay late. They cherish the education they get. And, they have found success both nationally and internationally in science and mathematics.

I was extremely impressed with the students. Incredibly well behaved, hard working and dedicated. Despite their humble background many of these students will go to universities in Europe and the USA and will have stellar professional careers.

Having spent a week with Peter it was no surprise to me that he won the $1,000,000 prize when it was announced from Dubai in March. He's now a national hero in Kenya, and the prize will be truly transformative for the students and the school in this remote part of Africa.

You can see the film I made for Peter here:

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