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The Long Road Home

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Welcome to my blog. In fact, welcome to my new website and my new blog.

I'm going to add articles, behind the scenes pics, news updates and general ramblings to this blog so, hit the subscribe button and you'll know when it has been updated.

To get things rolling, I've delved into my archive to share three pictures from a shoot I did ten years ago.

In the summer of 2008, I left for the airport with one suitcase, not really knowing where I was heading apart from meeting up with a producer in Dubai who I'd never worked with before. Fourteen weeks later I made it back home. I'd covered 42,000 miles, including a complete circumnavigation of Earth, been to eight countries, including 3 disputed territories, (designated war zones by the Foreign Office), spent a week with Hezbollah, a week in the Western Himalayas, had a shotgun thrust in my face in New Orleans and been threatened with being shot in Azad Kashmir. I spent a week sleeping in a tent, a week on a broken sofa and four weeks in the lap of luxury. Rough with smooth. No complaints.

We were making a film for the Emir of Qatar to celebrate their National Day. Apparently, it was shown to the Emir and it made him cry. I guess he must have seen my expenses.

Peace. x.

She survived an earthquake.

Taken in near darkness in the disputed territory of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan, high up in the Western Himalayas.

Last tree standing.

This was once a thriving mangrove forrest in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Then, the tsunami hit and 60,000 people lost their lives.

He survived Hurricane Katrina.

Taken in the notorious 9th Ward of New Orleans.

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